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About Us

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We put the world's finest marine collagen powder into our innovative microtube delivery system.

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Our Collagen

Take Control of your collagen with Collagen Stickz. Our collagen is pure Type I hydrolysed collagen made in France by a global leading company with over 100 years experience at the forefront of collagen-based science. Using only wild, ocean-caught fish, all fish stocks are fully traceable through the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). There’s no GMOs, artificial additives, antibiotics or steroids so you know it's safe. It's highly soluble with little or no fishy taste or smell. Perfect for infusing into your favourite beverage or food.

The world's finest collagen deserves an innovative delivery system. One that gives you total control over your infusions. Our paper microtubes are travel-friendly so you can infuse your skincare at your preferred pace. The high efficacy of our product means the recommended daily dose is a tiny 5g. Pre-measured and packaged up ready for you to use at home or wherever you want. When your microtubes are empty, just throw them in your paper recycling. They're 100% recyclable.

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Collagen Microtubes: The Future of Skin Rejuvenation

Paper microtubes have several benefits over foil sachets for collagen supplements. First, paper microtubes are more environmentally friendly than foil sachets. Foil sachets are made from non-renewable resources and are not easily recyclable, while paper microtubes are made from renewable resources and are more easily recyclable.

Second, paper microtubes offer better protection for collagen supplements. Collagen is a sensitive protein that can be damaged by light, heat, and moisture. Paper microtubes offer better protection against these factors, ensuring that the collagen remains fresh and effective.

Third, paper microtubes are more convenient for consumers. Foil sachets can be difficult to open, can leave a mess and force the user to consume the whole dose in one go while paper microtubes are easy to open and can be resealed for easy storage.

Overall, the use of paper microtubes for collagen supplements offers a more environmentally friendly, protective, and convenient packaging option for consumers.

We Choose To Be Better

Putting high quality wild marine collagen into paper microtubes is a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for collagen supplements that’s better for our planet. Marine collagen, derived from wild fish, is a natural source of collagen that is rich in essential amino acids and promotes healthy skin, hair, and joints. It's the only form of collagen that's free from GMOs, steroids and antibiotics. Paper microtubes give greater control and more freedom to infuse collagen supplements the way you want. Better for you. Better for our planet.

Wild About Wild

Not all "wild" collagen is actually wild. Some companies may market their collagen as "wild" when in reality it is farmed in an environmentally damaging way employing cages anchored at sea. This form of aquaculture is often described as 'wild-farmed'. The term can be misleading exploiting consumer misconceptions around the word 'wild'. Farmed fish are often raised in crowded conditions leading to the use of antibiotics and other chemicals. There is no advantage to raising fish in cages at sea over raising fish in tanks on land but it can have negative impacts on the surrounding ecosystem. Farmed fish may not have the same nutritional profile as wild-caught fish because their diet is limited and not from wild sources. This, in turn, can compromise the quality of the collagen.

The Folly of Foil 

Paper microtubes, made from sustainable and biodegradable materials, provide an environmentally friendly alternative to foil packaging. They can be easily disposed of without contributing to plastic pollution. Paper microtubes are lightweight, compact and easy to manufacture reducing the carbon footprint of the product. When we designed our packaging we were mindful of recycling attrition rates. If packaging papers are laminated to other materials, such as plastic or foil, it compromises the recyclability of the paper known as ‘attrition’. Our microtubes have no foil or toxic chemical linings so they are easy to recycle. Laminated materials, such as plastic or foil, are difficult to recycle as they require special processes to separate the different layers. Many recycling facilities are not equipped to handle laminated materials, which can lead to them ending up in landfills. This is why our paper microtubes are not laminated with plastic, foil or chemical linings. They are easily recycled along with your other paper products. 

In Australia, paper has a relatively high recycling rate compared to other materials. However, when paper is laminated with plastic or foil, it becomes much more difficult to recycle. The recycling rate drops significantly and the attrition rate goes up. This is because laminated materials cannot be easily separated during recycling leading to contamination of recycled materials. There is a strong commitment within industry and government to keep recycling programs evolving. There’s also exciting developments happening in food packaging through the use of biodegradable materials. Collagen Stickz do not use foils or toxic chemical linings. We keep our mixed materials separate to maximise recycling rates. Using paper microtubes instead of foil sachets can help conserve resources and reduce the environmental impacts of choosing to use a collagen supplement.

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Our collagen is the highest QUALITY. 100% free from antibiotics, hormones, GMOs and preservatives.

Our paper microtubes have no toxic chemicals or laminated foil linings. They're 100% recyclable. Convenient for you. Better for our PLANET.

Sachets are one-hit-wonders  and tubs & Scoops are hit-and-miss. We've created a better delivery system. Our travel-friendly microtubes give you the FREEDOM to infuse your skincare the way you want.

Nutritional Information

Servings per package: 10
Suggested serving size: 5g

Quantity per serve

Quantity per 100g

- Gluten
Fat, total
- Saturated
- Sugars

76.5kj (18cal)
Nil detected

1530kj (360cal)
Nil detected

Ingredients: Pure hydrolysed marine collagen powder (from fish). Contains fish.
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult with your health professional before consuming our products. Not suitable for children under 15 years of age.
Store below 25°C in a cool, dry place.
Manufactured in a facility that contains dairy and soy lecithin.

Typical Amino Acid range in g/100 g protein





Aspartic acid


Glutamic acid






























Marine collagen peptides are extracted from the skins of wild caught Marine Whitefish

1essential amino acids