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Skincare Never Tasted So Good!

Our unflavoured, wild marine collagen is highly soluble with little taste or smell. Perfect for infusing into your preferred espresso, tea or juice. Forget flavoured smoothies from foil sachets destined for landfill. Unlock radiant skin, silky hair and strong nails by consuming one microtube per day of our wild marine collagen powder.

Pack Sizes:
Sampler Pack $40.00
10 microtubes

Seeker Pack $120.00
30 microtubes

Each microtube costs contains the FULL daily recommended dose to help maintain your body's precious collagen.

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Superior Collagen

Not all collagens are created equally. Some are more potent than others known as "efficacy". Low efficacy collagens require you to consume more collagen per day. Bovine collagen (from cows) typically requires 10 grams per day. Our collagen is the highest possible efficacy requiring just 5g a day. Our travel-friendly & resealable microtubes put you in control of your dosage. Infuse the whole dose in one go or spread it across several infusions throughout your day. When the microtubes are empty, just throw it into your paper recycling. Better for you. Better for our planet.

Learn more about our collagen and innovative microtube delivery system by visiting our About page.

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