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What are microtubes?

Microtubes are miniature paper tubes (15cm) with a firmly fitting paper cap. The reservoir is lined with a non-toxic, food safe barrier to help preserve the collagen powder. Better than sachets, our travel-friendly microtubes allow you to autonomously dose your collagen at your preferred pace. Take the whole recommended daily dose (5g) in one go or spread it across several infusions throughout your day. When you're done, just throw your empty microtubes into your kerbside paper recycling bin. They’re 100% recyclable.

What kind of collagen is in Collagen Stickz?

Collagen Stickz contain 5g of pure wild marine, Type I, hydrolysed marine collagen from sources certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). The high potency of our product means you only need a small amount each day and the quality is second to none. Highly soluble with very little taste or smell so it’s perfect for infusing into your preferred beverage or food.

How many Collagen Stickz should I use each day?

You only need one Collagen Stickz per day to achieve the full recommended daily dose.

If I’m allergic to fish can I use Collagen Stickz?

No. Collagen Stickz are made from fish so, if you're allergic to fish, do not use our product.

How does Subscription work?

Customers who subscribe to our Convert offer receive 30 microtubes shipped once per month at a 20% discount with flat rate shipping (AU orders only). It’s free to register and you can cancel anytime. Simply go to our store and click the “Subscribe and Save” button on our 30 Pack product. (Terms and conditions apply). 

If I’m pregnant can I still take Collagen Stickz?

Our collagen is 100% natural but we recommend you consult your physician before taking any of our products especially when you are pregnant or receiving medical treatment of any kind. 

Is it OK to take Collagen Stickz if I’m on medication?

Our product is 100% natural but we recommend you consult your physician before taking any of our products especially if you are receiving medical treatment of any kind.

How are Collagen Stickz made?

Our collagen is a Type I, hydrolysed collagen made from the scales of wild, ocean-caught fish. Our eBook: Beginner's Guide To Collagen has more information. It's FREE to read. Click the eBook tab on the main navigaton bar (top).

How long before I see results?

We recommend using our product every day for 60 days in order to see first hand the incredible benefits of our collagen. The best way to do that is to sign up to our subscription service. It’s free to join and you can cancel anytime. You’ll receive a 20% discount on your subscription product with flat rate shipping (AU only). Click on our 30 Pack product and select the Subscribe & Save option. (Terms and conditions apply).